Celebration Distillery

Check out their website!

Location: 2815 Frenchmen St.

Date Visited: Wednesday, March 7th (w/ l. cohen)

Thoughts: Celebration Distillery opened its doors in 1995 under father-figure and artist James Michalopoulos. Having experienced extreme highs (expanding its reach across the country) and lows (weathering Katrina and 8 ft. of water), the rum house lives on as a must-see in New Orleans. The Distillery tour is given by an amazing man named Bob 3 times daily. Bob tells the interesting story of Celebration and explains the process by which the tight-knit staff produces an impressive amount of rum each year. The tour begins with a glass of rum iced tea and continues with samples of Celebration’s entire collection along the way. If you’re lucky you’ll also get a taste of the famous rum cake, which is worth every cent of the $25 it costs to get your hands on a whole one. Reservations aren’t required, so just show up at tour time (11:45, 1:45, 3:45 M-F) and enjoy!

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