Rum House

  • Location: 3128 Magazine St. (Uptown)
  • Ordered: Various Taco Assortments (Creole, Beef, Pork, Veggie), Nacho Chips
  • Thoughts: Situated on a busy Magazine St. corner, there’s always a crowd here. As restaurants on Magazine go it’s a pretty big place and draws in both foodies and sports fans thanks to its large bar and flat screens. Two times here and two times we were steered to the Taco Trifecta: a menu option which lets you pick three from a long list of original tacos like Duck Duck Goose (snow pea and carrot slaw, Clement creole shrub rhum sauce and crispy duck crackling), Calypso Beef (Island marinated flank steak, guacamole and lime cream) and Crispy Fish (Beer battered Mahi Mahi with jalapeno coleslaw). With a group of 4 you can sample all of the taco creations that speak to you- and they all will. While most of the tacos are mediocre (the Pork Mole– shredded pork, savory mole sauce and grilled pineapple salsa- stood out as one of the most successful), the reasonable prices and atmosphere of Rum House make it a place to come back to to get your “Caribbean” fill and catch a game.



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