• Location:  (French Quarter)
  • Ordered: Roasted Duck, Seasonal Fish, Pork Shank, BBQ Shrimp Appetizer, Sazeracs
  • Thoughts: NOLA is Emeril’s most casual endeavor and his only in the FQ. While jackets aren’t required, this is certainly no dive restaurant. Reservations are highly recommended and “business casual” is the order of the day. An unassuming facade opens into a lively and elegant interior, complete with a clear glass elevator that takes you to the second floor (if this is where you’re seated). Service is- like most restaurants in NOLA- formal only in attire. Our waiter, donned in suit and bowtie, was as personable and laid back as at any other establishment in the city. We kicked off our meal with some sazeracs- of a sweeter variety than we’ve had anywhere else. Each diner gets a piece of jalapeno cornbread and another small sourdough loaf to start, to pair with the sweet “Nola” butter on the table (see picture). The BBQ shrimp app was small but delicious. Entrees are certainly more substantial and no less delicious. (A special note about the duck: each portion is aged for 3 weeks before making its way to your plate!) The food, service,  drinks and atmosphere were all enjoyable- go NOLA!
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