Liuzza’s by the Track

Location: 1518 N. Lopez St.

Date Visited: March 27th, 2012

Ordered: BBQ Shrimp Po Boy, 1/2 Garlic Oyster Po Boy 1/2 Creole Gumbo

Thoughts: Liuzza’s is not to be missed. It’s an interesting, smalltown-type place near the Fair Grounds racetrack that clearly has a loyal following. Show up any day during lunch time and I’d bet every table and seat at the bar will be full – but service is fast and you’ll have a seat before long. Everything we tried was sensational. The signature BBQ Shrimp Po Boy is a fresh, warm French loaf stuffed with what seems like a sea’s worth of shrimp. A delicious sauce fills the bottom of the plate and is good for dipping to your very last bite. The Garlic Oyster Po Boy is absolutely fantastic and shouldn’t be skipped for any reason. You’re surprised with a warm jolt of garlic in every bite of fried oyster and loaf. Unlike many fried Po Boys Liuzza’s prepares this one perfectly so it feels like a light sandwich. Our best advice is just to go and try this place for yourself – it’s great.


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Links: Liuzza’s Website     Yelp!     UrbanSpoon


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