• Location: 8324 Oak St.
  • Date Visited: March 5th, 2012 (w/ L. Cohen, L. Rudolph & co.)
  • Ordered: Shrimp & Alligator Sausage Cheesecake App, Fried Green Tomatoes App, Grilled Mahi Mahi, Grilled Duck Breast
  • Thoughts: You probably won’t get through a trip to New Orleans without someone recommending Jacques-Imo’s. The quirky Oak St. restaurant seems to have it all – the bar scene is right, the food is great and portions ample, and there’s always a line (for those who judge restaurants by their wait). Jacques-Imo’s knows how to keep customers happy from the start of their meal to the very finish. As soon as your table is seated each diner gets a warm cornbread and butter. Love it already? Yes. Deciding what to get may be a momentary struggle, but the drinks are always flowing and you can’t really go wrong. The must app is the Shrimp & Alligator Sausage Cheesecake. If you look around, most tables have at least one. Next is a house salad – everyone gets one. At this point you’re far from still starving, so we recommend splitting. Jacques-Imo’s is more than accommodating on this front: each entree comes with two sides and when you split an entree, they’ll even split up your sides! Both entrees (Grilled Mahi-Mahi w/ pistachio sauce, asparagus and shrimp; Grilled Duck Breast w/ orange soy glaze, shitake mushrooms and pecans) were delicious and more than enough food for four people. And to seal the deal on your romance, your waiter will surprise you with an applecoconut bread pudding – as a thankyou – before you leave. You’re sure to leave full and singing Jacques-Imo’s praises.

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