Location: 1601 St. Charles Ave.

Date Visited: April 19, 2012

Ordered: Chinese Egg Roll App, Lunch Sushi 3 Roll Special, General Tsao’s Chicken

Thoughts: After spending the morning at one of New Orleans’ newest coffee shops on St. Charles, Krewe de Brew, we walked across the street to Hoshun for lunch. Once you’re inside, you lose all concept of what it’s like outside. The large restaurant blasts its AC and is full of flat screens playing everything from ESPN to HBO. This is not your typical lunchtime experience in a city whose restaurants tend to offer as much outdoor seating as indoor and often have live music in place of TV. I guess it’s fitting, as you won’t find any of Nola’s signature menu items here either. Back to the point. We enjoyed the fried egg roll appetizer, but in the future might skip this course because each entree comes with more than enough food. You get your choice of soup or salad with any lunch special entree – both the Egg Drop and Hot & Sour Soups we tried were tasty (although the Hot and Sour was not spicy at all). The sushi was standard – not bad and not amazing. The General Tsao’s chicken entree was good, enhanced by its above-par accompanying fried rice. All of our food came quickly and for $15 each we each left full and with enough leftovers for an later-afternoon snack.

Links: Hoshun’s Website     Yelp!     UrbanSpoon


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