Location: 601 Gallier St.

Date Visited: March 3rd, 2012 w/ L. Rudolph

Ordered: Shrimp & Grits, Crabby Eggs special

Thoughts: Elizabeth’s was great! It has all the makings of a down-home breakfast with some additional swankiness. Located on a slow Bywater corner, this house-turned-restaurant is the main attraction. We were seated downstairs but got a look at the upstairs space while we waited. The two floors have very different vibes. To use what we know: upstairs is like many Brooklyn brunch-spots, with a large wooden bar and a sceney feel. Downstairs, on the other hand, feels much more like a Northern Wisconsin breakfast joint with checkered tablecloths and bottomless coffee cups. The food lived up to New Orleans highest standards with great biscuits, seafood, gravy and grits. A highly recommended albeit popular place for breakfast.


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Links: Elizabeth’s Website     Yelp!     UrbanSpoon


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