Dooky Chase’s

  • Location: 2301 Orleans Ave (Mid-City)
  • Ordered: Lunch Buffet (fried chicken, fried catfish, etouffé) w/ Okra Gumbo & Peach Cobbler, Creole Gumbo
  • Thoughts: Having not done thorough research before heading to Dooky Chase’s we expected to have a quick, cheap, down-home Friday lunch. Arriving to a half-hour wait and waiters in bowties, we were reminded that research is important. Dooky Chase’s (named for the cook’s late husband, Earl “Dooky” Chase) is one of only a few restaurants in the Treme and it’s delicious (Eric, especially, is a big fan). The four-course lunch buffet for $18 is a deal and a great way to try a range of the restaurant’s bests- from gumbo to fried chicken- but the a la carte Creole gumbo is what will bring you back. (In fact, it brought Presidents Obama and Bush back, and paintings of their meals at the restaurant adorn the walls).

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