Commander’s Palace

  • Location: 1403 Washington Ave (Garden District)
  • Ordered: Lunch Special: Turtle Soup, Quail, Bread Pudding…3-for-1 soup, sorbet……25cent Martini’s!!
  • Thoughts: One of New Orleans’ most famous traditional lunch spots, Commander’s Palace did not disappoint us. Coincidentally, we joined them for their Friday St. Patty’s Day celebration and were treated with some green party favors. We went with the lunch special, which included their famous Turtle Soup & Bread Pudding. All of us went Quail – how could we not! AND of course, we partook in the tradition of the (maximum three-alotted) 25 cent Martinis. Stiff. Delicious. After the meal we were treated to a tour of the restaurant! Our friend Joe’s parents had gotten engaged at that very spot years earlier, so it must have been quite an experience for him to be there! Commander’s Palace was probably a one-time treat for us, though we wish it weren’t so –  BRAVO!

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