Camellia Grill

Location: 540 Chartres St. (French Quarter)

Date Visited: April 21, 2012

Ordered: Mac & Cheese Bites, The Judge’s Chicken, Mardi Gras

Thoughts: After waiting almost an hour to be seated at Pierre Maspero’s, we left hungry and frustrated in search of a good French Quarter meal. We decided on Camellia Grill and couldn’t have been more pleased, more immediately. We sat down at the wrap around diner counter (the only seating in the place) and were greeted with menus, a smiling cook and some jokes. Everyone in the place seemed happy and satisfied and I’m sure we quickly had the same air about us. We started with a set of standard, but delicious mac and cheese bites. Our two sandwiches, The Judge’s Chicken – a grilled chicken breast on a buttered bun with lettuce, tomato and coleslaw, and the Mardi Gras – turkey, bacon, lettuce corned beef and thousand island on rye, were both extremely fresh and delicious. It seems to be a good place any time of the day and a solid option for takeout. We highly recommend this awesome and affordable old school FQ diner.

Links: Yelp!     UrbanSpoon


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