Avenue Pub

  • Location: 1732 St. Charles Ave.
  • Ordered: Hamburger w/ Egg, BBQ Pork Sandwich (w/ M. Gallagher & J. Tivers)
  • Thoughts: A burger that surpassed expectations. The waffle fries don’t disappoint, either. As a prime corner spot on parade routes, huge props to Avenue Pub for facilitating major bathroom crowds and general rambunctiousness. We’d go back  to say thanks for the hospitality alone – the fun upstairs patio would be an added perk!
  • Update: We haven’t eaten at Avenue again, but we have come back for a beer or two. It’s a great place to throw a few back – with a variety of rooms upstairs and downstairs, you get a different feel from every corner of the 2-story bar. Hang downstairs for a more divey-feel, head upstairs for a laid-back vibe or to relax on the terrace overlooking St. Charles Ave. Make of Avenue Pub what you like – you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time. And make sure to keep an eye out for a surprise celebrity spotting! 😉



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